Der Backmeister @ TTDI

Friday, August 07, 2015 Tyler 0 Comments

Being the only German bakery in TTDI, Der Backmeister (which translates as The Bakemaster in english) is a breath of fresh air to the neighbourhood food scene. Operating just slightly over a month, the German bread & pastry hut is already on everyone's lips.

Walk into the store and you will be welcomed with top-notch hospitality, along with an unique menu that you can't find anywhere else, no wonder this place is gaining popularity so quickly. To ensure the authentic German experience, everything from the furnishing to the way the pastries are served, is exactly how you would see it in a traditional bakery in Germany.

Top Half: Der Backmeister (RM23) / Bottom Half: Meatloaf (RM18)

Der Backmeister is basically the German version of Big Breakfast, the generous portion can easily feed two people. Share the basket of 4 different kinds of breads, cold-cut meats, cheddar & camembert cheese, fruits and vegetables with a friend.

The Meatloaf is a carnivore party by itself. We find it hard to believe how it tasted so much like luncheon meat when the dish is actually pork-free, in fact the place itself is strictly pork-free as well. Thick and flavourful (mhm), meat lover will enjoy this.

Multigrain Sandwich with Egg (RM15) / Latte (RM11)

The sandwich may look small, but it is incredibly-filling. Dense and crispy, the multigrain bread is so rich in texture you'll think that you're eating a big ass protein bar. Light and healthy, it went really well with the cup of latte that is strong in flavour and not too milky.

Almond Butter Cake (RM7)

This tasted more like a bread than a cake, but I'm not rejecting the new spin on what we traditionally-consider as desserts. Chewy and not too sweet, the custard topping reminded me of Tesco's once-famous potato buns, the buns that came in a pack of 9 was the highlight of my grocery trips as a kid #memories.

Pay this value-for-money bakery cum cafe a visit, and you'll never see bread the same way again. Would also like to take this opportunity to thank co-owner Ollie for taking the time to talk to us about this business that he is very passionate about. Check out my colleague Dhabitah's full review of the bakery on Poskod as well.

40, Persiaran Zaaba, TTDI Kuala Lumpur
8am to 9pm | Closed on Monday